where digital innovation creates social impact


Before donning our creative hats and letting our imagination run wild, we take the time to listen carefully to what people actually need. Then, with a clear aim in mind, we embark jointly upon a journey of discovery. We share ideas and allow a process to evolve along the way. When all our work is done and dusted and we finally reach our destination, we arrive together - hand in hand.

We finely tailor tools and systems to fit specific needs and are acutely aware of the sensibilities of those who will benefit further down the line. Transparency is always maintained and privacy and security are always prudently considered. Both financial and economic sustainability are high on our list of our priorities, as is the need to think globally in this ever-changing world.


Please allow us to introduce ourselves: We are a bunch of software developers, designers, and social scientists who are united by something far greater than our knowledge and skills —our passion for social impact.


Emanuel makes everything look pretty. And it's super nice to have him around.


Laura knows where everything's at. She also takes good care that thing aren't getting overly serious.


Stephan is the one in charge of all things computational.